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Instruments for Measurements and Controls

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Encased Glass Tube, Acrylic, Polysulfone & PTFE Rotameters. Mass Flow Controllers.

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for Air Velocity Measurements, Data Logging Light Meters, Pressure & Flow Meters.

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pH Ion Testers, Water & Dustproof Testers of Oxidation-Reduction (REDOX) Potential.

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PTFE Inline Flowmeter with Valve (F Meter) Oakton EcoTestr® pH 3
Data Logging Light Meter with NIST Acrylic / Brass Flow Meter for Air Flow Control Pistol Grip Digital Infrared Thermometers
Digi-Sense General Purpose Water Resistant Infrared (IR) Thermometer Professional CFM/CMM  Vane Thermoanemometer Thermohygrometer with NIST (WD-20250-11)

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Acrylic Flowmeter Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Our Price: $115.00
Acrylic Flowmeter Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
This Acrylic Flowmeter with Valve has a Dual Direct Reading Scale with yellow backing for easy viewing of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) flow values. Viton Seals, 3/8" FNPT and Brass End fittings are standard. The float/guide material is 316 Stainless Steel.  This Flowmeter is designed for panel mounting and can handle a Maximum Flow Rate of 475 LPM (16.5 SCFM).

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