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Instruments for Measurements and Controls

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Encased Glass Tube, Acrylic, Polysulfone & PTFE Rotameters. Mass Flow Controllers.

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for Air Velocity Measurements, Data Logging Light Meters, Pressure & Flow Meters.

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pH Ion Testers, Water & Dustproof Testers of Oxidation-Reduction (REDOX) Potential.

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Industrial Stainless Steel In-Line Flow Meter, NPT Connector, No Valve (M Meter) (6AM61-M-NPT) PTFE In Line Flow Meter with Valve, PFA Flow Tube & PTFE/PCTFE Wetted Parts (6AF81-FV)
Magnum Industrial Stainless Steel In-Line Flow Meter, NPT Connector, No Valve PTFE Inline Flowmeter with Valve (F Meter)
Heavy-duty flow meters are fully enclosed in a brushed stainless steel case.  Ideal for industrial applications with flow rates of up to 116 GPM / 440 L/min and 250 SCFM / 7080 L/min.  Used for flow measurements of liquids (water) and gases (air.)  Meters are graduated for direct reading of water and air.  Wetted parts include borosilicate glass flow tubes, VitonĀ® O-rings and 316 Stainless Steel fittings, guide rods and float stops.  These flow meters come with FNPT end fittings. Made entirely of PTFE, PFA and PCTFE, the In-Line PTFE Flow Meter is excellent for high-purity applications or use with corrosive liquids. These meters feature chemically inert wetted components and a removable protective shield. Each meter is individually leak tested. Supplied with a standard valve to monitor and control flow.
Stepping Motor Valve (6SMV010) GC5 Series - Air Mass Flow Controller - Stainless Steel, High Flow, LCD Readout, 3/8 Inch Compression Fittings, 0-5VDC Analog Input/Output
Air Mass Flow Controller - Stainless Steel High Flow Dakota
Stepping Motor Valves (SMV) are designed for high flow regulation of gases or liquid.   This line of electronic two-way metering valves has high precision linear stepping motors that drive the valve spindle.   Unlike solenoid operated valves, these Stepping Motor Valves stay cool during operation so there are no control operating problems due to coils heating up.  In addition, these valves have extremely fine resolution, as well as very low differential pressures and high operating pressures.

Dakota's Mass Flow Controllers are compact, self contained and easy to read. The rugged design and instrumentation grade accuracy provide versatile and economical means of flow control ideal in laboratory and industrial settings. The built-in electromagnetic valve allows the flow to be set to any desired flow rate within range of a particular model. Set points may be controlled either locally or remotely.

Available in flow ranges from 10 mL/min to 1000L/min relative to Nitrogen. Accuracy +/-1% full scale for models up to 100 Liters per minute.

General Purpose Infrared (IR) Thermometer (WD-20250-09) GM1 Series - Nitrogen Mass Flow Meter - Aluminum, Low Flow, LCD Readout, 1/4 Inch Compression Fittings, 0-5VDC Analog Output
Our Price: $91.00
Digi-Sense General Purpose Water Resistant Infrared (IR) Thermometer Nitrogen Mass Flow Meter - Aluminum Low Flow Dakota
Deliver quick, easy, precise measurements without touching the object! Digi-Sense's ergonomic, stick-style design IR thermometers fit comfortably in your hand or pocket. Reliable measurements couldn't be easier! Just aim, push the button, and read.

Dakota's Mass Flow Meters are compact and easy to read. Used in laboratory and industrial settings to measure and read the flow rates of gases. The rugged designed coupled with instrumentation grade accuracy provides versatile and economical means of flow measurement. Aluminum models with readout options of either engineering units (standard) or 0 to 100 percent displays are available.

The mechanical layout of the design includes an LCD readout built into the top of the transducer. This readout module is tiltable over 90 degrees to provide optimal reading comfort. It is connected to the transducer by a standard modular plug, and is also readily removable for remote reading installations.

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Acrylic Flowmeter Helium Brass Fittings

Our Price: $115.00
Acrylic Flowmeter Helium
This Acrylic Flowmeter with Valve has a Dual Direct Reading Scale with yellow backing for easy viewing of Helium flow values. Viton Seals, 3/8" FNPT and Brass End fittings are standard. The float/guide material is 316 Stainless Steel.  This Flowmeter is designed for panel mounting and can handle a Maximum Flow Rate of 1400 LPM (50 SCFM).

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