Oakton pHTestr® 50S Spear Waterproof Pocket Tester (WD-35634-25)

Oakton's® Spear pHTestr 50S Waterproof Pocket Tester offers a rugged spear tip, ideal for softsolid and semisolid like meat, cheese and fruit. The long, thin electrode may be used to measure pH in test tubes and other narrow containers. Clogging is nearly impossible with the large junction electrode, which is 200 times the size of standard electrodes. A simple interface provides for quick setup and calibration.

Calibration Buffer Solutions Sold Separately. Click here to purchase.

  • Spear tip ideal for soft and semi solids
  • Clogging virtually impossible
  • Up to 3 point pH calibration with NIST or USA auto-buffer recognition
  • Simple interface for quick set up and calibratione
  • Automatic Temperature Compensationt
  • Auto-Shut-off
  • Self diagnostic error message
Specifications WD-35634-25
Minimum pH: -1.0
Maximum pH:
pH Resolution: 0.01 pH
pH Accuracy
Buffer Recognition: USA 4.01, 7.00, 10.01
NIST 4.01, 6.86, 9.18
Up to 3 Points
Minimum Temperature:
0°C (32°F)
Maximum Temperature:
60°C (140°F)
Temperature Resolution:
Temperature Compensation:
Yes, ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Four AAA
Battery Life:
250 hours

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